Drop the Visa Campaign

Arranging for friends & family visiting from Serbia? Fed up with the red tape? Then make your voice heard and let's ditch visas for Serbian nationals.

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16 Dec 2017
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Vegan Vegan, fish and wine allowed

Vegan, no oil Vegetarian (diary allowed)

No Food, or bread and water only

The Serbian clubbing scene 1994-2010

Writing an article about the Serbian clubbing scene in London made me reminisce about all the wild nights I spent in the world of Serbian pop, rock, folk, dance, and even hip-hop. ...

Serbia, the Balkans and the West

    As the twentieth anniversary of Yugoslavia’s disintegration approaches there will no doubt be much reflection and analysis within informed Serbian circles as to...

Golden Pine on Cloud Nine

Zlatibor, the reputed millionaire’s playground, offers sun, fun and ski runs aplenty along with rejuvenating mountain air and cultural wealth. Named after the indigenous pine...

Mike Pejić The original Serb Soccer Star

  Today the Premiership is littered with Serbian football talent, as are the top leagues across Europe. The modern Serb invasion started much earlier than you might think, way...

Kraljevo Hit by Earthquake

The city of Kraljevo in central Serbia was rocked by an earthquake in the early hours of 3rd November. The quake, which measured 5.3 on the Richter scale, resulted in two deaths an...

The Heroic Mountains of Macedonia

 Despite centuries of dispute over who owns Macedonia, a part of this recently independent state remains of great historical significance to Serbs.  In September 1916, th...