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  1. How Duško got involved in the world of spying to become the biggest double agent of world war II and number 1 influence on Ian Flemming’s fictional superspy James Bond 
  2. Interviews with not only Duško Popov, but also his son Marko 
  3. What Duško really thinks about the James Bond character that Flemming based on him  
  4. Interviews with Russell Miller, author of the book CodeName Tricycle and leading authority on Duško Popov 
  5. Dramatised scenes including how Popov nearly came to blows with FBI Boss J Edgar Hoover in the USA
And also how Popov trained to beat a "brand new truth drug" he knew his German handlers were going to use on him. The Germans needed to check Popov was a loyal spy and not a double agent - if Duško failed the truth drug it would cost him his life!
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