Britic is a quarterly magazine distributed by print, online and email establish in 2008.

The magazine is produced by Serbs in the UK to provide a forum for all Serbs in the UK, with particular interest to British born Serbs, hence the name.

We are Aleks Simic and Stan Smiljanic editors of the magazine and owners of Britic Media Ltd. which owns the publication. We have no political affiliations that are relevant to Serb issues and will tolerate a variety of views being expressed in these pages provided they are not gratuitously offensive, libellous or just boring. We welcome contributions from anybody who can articulate a coherent point of view on a Serb related topic or provide an interesting commentary on a Serb related event.

Britic is not-for-profit.

Britic Media Ltd. is registered in England and Wales, Company Number: 06654032

Registered address: 30 Mill Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK40 3HD