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Bosnia repeals Jolie movie ban

The Bosnian Culture Minister has overturned a ban on filming Angelina Jolie’s directorial movie, which he had imposed just weeks earlier.

Variety reported that the movie is about a Serb man and Muslim woman who fall in love during the 1992-1995 war. A Bosnian women’s group had complained after leaks alleged the love story was between rapist and victim. The Sun quotes an unnamed official: “With one film, Angelina Jolie is in danger of restarting the war all over again all by herself.”

The film’s producers were required to disclose the script to Bosnian officials who subsequently renewed the film permit. However, Serbian newspaper Kurir claims that the script had been changed from a love story to race hate with the Serb soldier finally murdering his victim. Hollywood starlet Jolie will not appear in the movie which features veteran Serb actor Rade Šerbedžija, who denies script changes.

Real-life unsolved murders inspire British Serb movie

London-based Dušan Tomlač writes and directs the contemporary thriller Foreigner. Based on a series of true-life unsolved murders in northern Serbia, it is unique in cinema history because the hero is remarkably like you. Mel Raido plays a British detective drafted to help investigate these brutal killings, who also happens to be the disaffected grandson of a WWII Serb émigré. His journey spans the truths and lies of post war Serbia as he ultimately confronts his own feelings of identity. The cast includes Dragan Nikolić, acclaimed for Underground (1995) and Selo gori, a baba se češlja (2007), and Macedonian actress Verica Nedeska.

Foreigner is set to shoot in Spring 2011 and its producers are offering you a chance to own a part of the movie. You can buy a frame for just £2, a second for £50, a minute for £3000 and so on. The producers promise to pay back investors from the first pound the movie takes. After every penny of the initial investment is recouped, investors stand to share 50% of the film’s profits (with the other 50% going to cast and crew).

Fancy being a movie hero and producer in one go?

First of a Kind – British Serb Hip Hop

Manchester Hip Hop duo F.O.A.K. released their first single Welcome To My City on 15th November. They are City-supporter Vlad “the V” Lazarević and United-supporter Daz “Dq”. The track also features frequent collaborator and soul-voiced local girl KT Forrester.

F.O.A.K.’s distinctive style owes more to the raw sights and sounds of the North West than those of the East Coast. Every track showcases themes with multifarious genres, often with a melodic and hook-laden backing. Bosnian-born Vlad is Manchester-bred and raps with a broad northern accent, occasionally dropping some srpski into the mix.

Welcome To My City is released on Vlad and Dq’s independent label Foundation Rekords and is available on iTunes and other digital sources. F.O.A.K. will release their debut album Praise Me in 2011.

by Kat Kovač