Kraljevo Hit by Earthquake

The city of Kraljevo in central Serbia was rocked by an earthquake in the early hours of 3rd November. The quake, which measured 5.3 on the Richter scale, resulted in two deaths and left over a hundred others injured. There has been extensive damage to buildings, especially older homes, with many being left without electricity, water and phone lines. There is an imminent food shortage caused by the loss of electricity; many inhabitants have lost the refrigerated and frozen food provisions that were stored for the winter.

Blythswood Care and their partner Love Your Neighbour aim to alleviate this crisis and sent two huge trucks of aid. However the number of people eligible to receive food from the soup kitchen has increased by over 400, and the charities now want to send a lorry of food to help meet demand.

Phil Shorthouse from Blythswood Care has spoken with Proto Milun at Sv Sava and the Serbian Embassy in London.
The charity are urgently appealing for donations to help fund lorries of building materials and food. £50 will buy a pallet of food. Sheets (single or double, any colour), nappies and incontinence pads are also needed. £50 will buy a pallet of food. Please give whatever you can. Thank you.

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