Lobby your MP: Ditch Visas for Serbia

If you’ve ever had relatives from Serbia visit the UK, you will know about the many hours or days endured at the British Embassy in Belgrade wading through red tape. The Labour government had pledged a visa review before the election. For a year, Serbian citizens with biometric passports have enjoyed visa-free visits to Schengen zone countries. Now the Serbian Council of Great Britain and other community bodies are lobbying MPs for the same here. This included an event hosted by Chelsea and Fulham MP Greg Hands at the Houses of Parliament where they also campaigned to bring back the parliamentary group for Serbia, another step towards good relations.

Now it is your turn to make the difference. Simply sign and address the attached campaign letter and send it back to us. We will make sure that copies of your letter go to your local MP, the Foreign Office and the Home Office. Let’s show politicians that our civic voice can be heard throughout the land and in their own back yards.

Please send it soon. If we miss this chance, we will have to wait until 2015 for the next one.

Find your MP at http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/


I understand that the government will be reviewing its existing visa regime during 2011. I would like to ask for your support to ensure that Serbia is short-listed for this review.

Many British Serbs find that arranging for family and friends to visit from Serbia is both excessively bureaucratic and prohibitively costly, particularly for regular visitors.

I would welcome a relaxation in visa restrictions, in line with those recently accomplished in the Schengen zone. This would also be a welcome step towards increasingly friendly relations between the two nations.

I would also ask that you support the reinstatement of an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Serbia, which disappeared after the last General Election in May 2010.

I would be grateful if you would respond with your views on this matter and how it can be progressed further.

Yours faithfully,