Serbia v GB and Beyond!

Women’s Volleyball Review

When the British Women’s Volleyball team hosted their Serbian opponents in the return leg of their European League tie, it was pretty much a case of David versus Goliath. If you know that volleyball is not a particularly popular sport on these shores, you can guess which team were Goliath in this case! As much as the British ladies tried to use their slings, Goliath didn’t even flinch. The games that took place on 3rd and 4th July in Sheffield proved to be easy pickings for the young Serbian team as they cruised to a 3:0 win in each of the two games. Deeper analysis of the game would show, however, that either the British players did put up a bit of a fight, or the Serbians did just enough to see them through; the first game ended 15-25; 11-25; 20-25 and the second went even closer (19-25; 20-25; 23-25).


Considering this young Serbian team won silver in the 2007 European Championships with virtually the same line-up, it is no surprise that they were a dominant force throughout the European League this season, losing just one game in the process of qualifying for the Final Tournament in the Turkish city of Ankara. They proved their worth by beating Israel 3:0 in the semi-final and then Bulgaria 3:1 in the final.

by Dragan Obrenović