Paper Round

, 14th October 2010

Performance artist Marina Abramović was Time-Out magazine’s front cover feature:

‘It was an almost spiritual revelation for me…I can use real fire, real water, my own body. I went to the military base, because my father was a general, to ask if I could borrow 12 planes and they told me I was nuts. After I cut a communist star into my skin for one performance, they had a meeting to discuss putting me in a mental hospital.’

, 14th October 2010
Serbian schoolboy Dimitrije Mitrovic stunned his parents when he woke up [at the age of three] speaking English - despite never being taught the language.…Experts think Dimitrije, now 11, may have some sort of autistic language talent. His mum said: `He`s normal in every other way. He just thinks he`s English.`

, 18th October 2010
`We owe him big time`…The U.S. government has finally recognised the World War Two leader of a mission to rescue more than 500 bomber crewmen shot down over Nazi-occupied Serbia. George Vujnovich, 95…was awarded the Bronze Star Medal 66 years after completing the mission by Congressman Joseph Crowley at Manhattan`s St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.
The airmen were hidden in various villages by Serbian guerrilla fighter Draza Mihailovich - leader of the Chetniks…

, 20th August 2010
Farmer Radomir Timotijevic refused to listen to vets who advised him that he should put down the calf, after it was born with two heads on his farm in Sopocani, Serbia.
And now, more than a month after its birth, the calf is still doing well…`He is like a pet to me - and I could never send him to the slaughterhouse now,` Radomir added.

, 14th July 2010
Croatia has given Serbia a list of some 1,500 Serbs indicted or convicted for war crimes committed during the 1991-1995 war there... The list, kept secret until recently, was an obstacle for Serb refugees wanting to return to their homes in Croatia after the war as they did not know if they were on the wanted list.

  19th October 2010
SAFETY officials are projecting giant help messages from Serbia`s highest bridge to stop would be suicide victims jumping to their deaths. When people clamber to the top of Branko`s Bridge in Belgrade they see the sign `You Are Not Alone` and a helpline number on the surface of the Seva [sic] River

, 10th October 2010
Yugoslav leader who was the first female prime minister of a communist country
Milka Planinc, who has died aged 85, was a leading Croatian communist who served as prime minister of Yugoslavia between 1982 and 1986…She opposed the Croatian party leadership`s calls for greater autonomy for Croatia, and its flirtation with Croat nationalists…Young Milka, herself of a mixed Croat-Serb background, joined Tito`s pan-Yugoslav communist-led resistance in 1941.

, 1st October 2010
ED Miliband was `Red Ed` round the globe yesterday as the world`s media adopted The Sun`s nickname for him…Even in Serbia, Blic newspaper reported `Crveni Ed` had disowned mentor Gordon Brown

, 2nd September 2010
by Hashim Thaci
To Kosovans, Blair is a true hero…As the prime minister of Europe`s youngest country, I have been fortunate in feeling the UK`s unshaken support under the governments that have succeeded Blair, both Gordon Brown and David Cameron. But, on a personal basis, I cannot help feeling that Blair`s own extraordinary energy and considerable achievements are now being undervalued at home.

, 29th August 2010
Teams of chefs cooked up bull, boar, camel and kangaroo in a remote Serbian mountain village a the seventh annual World Testicle Cooking Championship.
The food, politely called `white kidneys in Serbian, is believed to be rich in testosterone. In the Balkans, it is considered to help men’s libido.

, 27th July 2010
BP boss Tony Hayward tipped for job in Serbia [sic] … Battered BP boss Tony Hayward was last night tipped for a job in the firm`s Siberian [sic, sic] branch.

, 25th October 2010
Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne says the tradition-laden Italian automaker would be better off without Italy and its balky unions…Fiat have already begun production … in Kragujevac, 70 miles south of Belgrade, Serbia, where they hope to contribute to 6 million cars a year by 2014