No Britić editorial would be complete without
a mention of matters monetary. We start
by reporting on the fund raising dinners held in
Coventry and London, at which almost £3,000
was raised towards the Great Britić cause.
Under the guise of “Friends of Britić”, the dinners
were attended by an eclectic mix of Serbs from all
corners of our micro culture, who combined to
provoke a lively and entertaining questions session
following the after dinner presentation.
Although Britić was born out of a period of low
self esteem in our community it never ceases to
amaze us how much positivity can be generated at
these events and just how much talent there is out
there. If you have missed out, another dinner is
being planned in Leicester. Contact us at editor@
britic.co.uk for details.
We would like to thank all those who attended
and those who gave so generously to help sustain
the only publication aimed at “all of our people all
of the time” in Britain.
This summer has been an eventful time at camp
Britić. No… not because the editors are now
wearing dresses (although we have been known to
relax in a sarong on occasion) but because we have
heard the patter of new keyboards tapping to the
rhythm of Britić. We are very pleased to welcome
Andreja Živanić who has taken over the running
of the “Britić 100 Club”. We welcome also Aleks
Ilić as our business manager and the talented
Anđelka Grubišić as our new sub-editor.

The new team has already established itself
and we trust will result in better financial
stability and quality of product. In short,
concept Britić is today in safer hands than ever
In this edition we tout our home-grown,
domaći talent. We feature Britići who play
sports for fun, tennis for triumph and football
for England. We talk to the makers of perhaps
the first-ever British Serb movie as jedan naš
tells us about the BBC documentary he made.
Nik Čobić reviews 16 years of the Serbian
clubbing scene as new social clubs bubble
up and one of our lads releases a hip-hop
single. Veljko Žižić creates a cyber-library for
all. Finally, we join a new visa campaign in
Westminster and invite you to participate in
the largest survey of British Serb opinion ever
conducted. Phew!
We have listened to your feedback. Readers
want a wider choice of subjects with headlines
which change daily. They want to tap into a
shared sense of what matters to us all and to
follow and contribute to the debate which
shapes our response as British Serbs. We plan
to launch eBritic.com which will, we trust,
be the definitive website for Serbs in the UK.
Whether you want to keep up-to-date on news
and sports, read Roksy’s exploits or a myriad
of other bloggers, hear Ceca’s latest, know
when Bojana Fabel is playing next or fancy a
TV night we hope eBritic.com will have it all.