On 1st January 2009, the Directors passed the following first resolution:

Britic Media Limited is a private UK company number 06654032 formed in 2008 by Aleksandar Simic and Stanislav Smiljanic, who are sole and equal shareholders and Directors.

A separate arm of Britic Media Limited was formed to own and operate Britic, a not-for-profit magazine. It is anticipated that it shall be funded primarily by advertising and merchandising. All financial losses shall be met by the owners and no other party. Any profits shall be reinvested in the magazine or projects with an associated interest or charitable causes.

Britic is initially based on a printed quarterly format, distributed free-of-charge directly to the door and electronic distribution. However, the format, delivery, and frequency will adapt to find a stable balance that meets its not-for-profit status.

The magazine is expected to be of greatest interest to British born Serbs and secondly Serbs living in the UK and further afield in particular other English-speaking countries with significant Serb communities. Interest from other former Yugoslav ethnic groups living in the UK is anticipated and welcome, although not specifically targeted in order to avoid a potential nuisance. Lastly, any UK resident interested in Serbia may be interested in Britic.

The aim of Britic is to inform, interest and to cultivate a forum and identity for all Serbs in the UK. Editorial content shall be almost entirely English language, which is the only language that is universally understood by the entire intended demographic.

The Directors are also the editors and ultimately take ultimate editorial responsibility. As such, either director editor can refuse or modify any editorial content for any reason. The magazine is independent of any external organisation and editors have no political affiliations that are relevant to Serb issues and will tolerate a variety of views being expressed in these pages provided they are not gratuitously offensive, libellous or just boring. As far as there is an editorial stance, it is pro-Serb, pro-Serbian Orthodox Church and with a specific focus on items of interest to British born Serbs.