Britic Vote: Niko - 77% friend, 13% foe


“Niko Bellic is a good guy. I played the game I like to see more of the Serbian heroes like NB. So far M. Jovović is the most popular Serbian Hollywood movie actress. I’d like to see GTA 4 made into Hollywood movie.”

“I think Niko is good for Serbs in the game... all he did was fight in a war just like any other Serb / Bosnian Serb. That shouldn’t make his reputation bad. I rate him a Serbian game Hero” Milorad Savić

“Niko is a hero until it’s his round. Then he disappears and becomes niko!”

 “GTA4 should have Bill and Tony in there as crime barons, too, introduced as ‘arms dealers’. Niko can them blow them away.”

“Niko is cool, he reads Britic .” Aleks.